BEC offers both private and group lessons for all ages from 3 years upwards, designed to help further your understanding and passion for all aspects of horsemanship and riding. Whether you want to ride for pleasure, preparation for exams or to take your riding skills to competition level, we offer specialized instruction, customized to your individual needs and goals.

At BEC you will find well trained and reliable school horses, from the very steady who will look after the most nervous beginner through to those able to perform advanced dressage movements and confidently jump around a track of fences. We are conveniently open 7 days a week with lessons scheduled from 7:45 am to 12:30 am and 2:45 pm to 6:45 pm. 

Lessons are scheduled in 1 hour time blocks to allow for tacking up and leading your horse to the arena. The lesson duration is 45 minutes.

Adult Riding Lessons (riders over 16 years)


For the beginner rider we recommend a lunge lesson first where the instructor stands in the middle of a circle with a long line in hand and the other end attached to your horse. Here you can learn to walk, trot and canter while your trainer is in control. Your first lesson will also teach you the basic principles of riding, including how to lead your horse, mounting, holding the reins correctly, starting and stopping, walking, basic turns and how to safely dismount.


For riders with some experience who are looking to advance, we offer private and group lessons where you can improve your technique, learning how to canter and ride your horse over poles leading to jumping. This is a great way to return to riding after a break, and with our wide range of horses, you can rediscover past skills.


BEC also offers lessons for more experienced riders. These include lateral movements, more advanced schooling and working the horse in a more correct manner as well as show jumping. If riders have a particular subject they are trying to work on, they are welcome to ask their instructor to work on that.

Children's Riding Lessons


For children 7 – 15 years old. Here they can learn the basic principles of how to control a pony both mounted and from the ground. For the complete novice, the pony will be lead until the child feels safe enough to ride the pony on their own. Our aim is for your child to have fun learning the tradition techniques through games while developing confidence and empathy.


Once children have progressed beyond the basics, they continue into our higher level lessons, where they learn more about dressage and jumping. We encourage children to join groups of riders, thereby learning through watching and helping each other as much as from the instructions they receive themselves.

Stable Management Lesson

At BEC, we offer stable management lessons that can be tailored to your exact needs, depending on age (adult, teen or child), experience and necessity – if you have an exam, we can concentrate on your weaker areas. The following is a “menu” of lecture subjects available. As a novice you may be happy to leave the decision as to what to learn up to your instructor, or you may have an idea that is not on this list – feel free to chat to one of our instructors.

  • The horse – colors / markings / points / conformation / psychology
  • Handling the horse – leading, catching, turning out, keeping safe around the stable
  • Grooming / bathing / cleanliness and care
  • Clipping / trimming / plaiting / show preparation 
  • Saddling the horse, preparation for riding
  • More about tack and equipment – types of saddles, bits, bridles, martingales
  • Boots and bandages – why, how and when to use what protection for the horses legs
  • Care of saddler and equipment
  • Shoeing – how the horse’s are shod, equipment, what to look for in newly shod hoof
  • Stable management and hygiene – bedding materials, mucking out, yard husbandry
  • Basic Anatomy – skeleton and muscles, how your horse's body works.
  • Signs of health and ill health
  • Watering and feeding – what to feed, types of feed, rules of feeding.
  • Lunging

Please advise the instructor if you are preparing for an exam or test. All the above subjects can be covered in varying degrees of complexity depending of your level and the depth of knowledge you would like.

Vaulting Lesson

Gymnastics on horseback, or vaulting, is a equestrian sport. At BEC we offer beginner vaulting lessons for children up to 10 year old. BEC has 2 experienced vaulting ponies, 1 vaulting and various equipment to start riders on their vaulting career. This includes two stationary vaulting horses, trampoline and vaulting roller for the horse.

Lessons Price List
Valid until March 31st 2019

Prices For Each Type of Lesson in Rupiah
Lesson Type Duration Adult Child
Private (with BEC Instructor) 45 minutes    950,000    850,000
Spanish Horses (with Chief Instructor) 45 minutes 1,500,000         -
Lunge Lesson 30 minutes    800,000    700,000
Semi Private  (2 People) 45 minutes    700,000    650,000
Group (3-4 People) 1 hour    700,000    650,000
Stable Management Lesson 1 hour    700,000    600,000
BHS exam preparation lesson 1 hour    700,000         -
Discounts Package
0- 4 Lessons Regular Price
5- 10 Lessons 5% discount
11- 20 Lessons 10% discount
21 Lessons or more 15% discount

(Valid for 4 months)
Discount applies to prepaid packages only
All prices are subject to 10% tax & 6% service charge

Children Activities
Lesson Type Prices Idr
Pony ride (15 minutes)  200,000
Pony ride & Grooming (15 mins pony ride + 15 mins groom) 250,000
Pony ride (30 minutes) 300,000
Pony ride & Grooming (30 mins pony ride + 15 mins groom) 350,000
Pony Camp 
- 1/2 Day
- 1 Day
All prices are in Rupiah. All prices are subject to 10% tax & 6% service charge.
Cancellations made later than 48 hours prior to the lesson will be charged in full whatever the circumstances my be.
Note: booking is essential for all horse riding activities. Please contact us for booking assistance.
Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further inquiries.
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