Lessons Rules & Regulations

In order to take lessons at the Bali Equestrian Centre you will be required to agree to the below policies and procedures regarding cancellations and missed lessons so please take the time to read these points carefully.

Existing members will be asked to sign the form too as this summarizes all of our current policies which the office will be required to follow.


  • Payment for lessons must be made and all paperwork filled out prior to your lesson (so please allow plenty of time). The B.E.C Waiver and Rules & Regulations Form must also be signed before your first lesson can be allocated.
  • On completion of your first lesson you will be advised on the type of lesson we can offer you based on availability.
  • Riders who do not ride 3 weeks in a row risk the chance of losing their weekly lesson spot – this includes school holidays. If you will be away for a longer period of time (more than 3 weeks) you may select to pay a spot holding fee of Rp. 1million which will hold your place for up to 8 weeks (note: this is not a credit).
  • Riders can purchase 6 weeks’ worth of lessons in advance to qualify for our prepaid purchase discounts. Alternatively, lessons can be paid for on a pay as you go basis. If the package is not paid for on the date of the first lesson, single lesson prices will be charged until the package has been paid for in full.

Lesson Times

  • Lessons are scheduled in 1 hour blocks to allow for tacking up and leading the horse/pony to and from the stable. The mounted lesson consists of 45 minutes.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your lesson start time.
  • Lessons will NOT be extended if you are late no matter what the circumstance as our instructors are booked on the hour, every hour.
  • Lessons for riders 5 years and under are restricted to our Tiny Tots program or 15 minute Pony Rides. Children of this age have a limited concentration span and we consider this to be optimum riding time for this age group. At the age of 6 the child will have the option to move into a private child’s lesson if the instructor agrees.


  • Cancellations made later than 48 hours prior to the lesson will be charged in full whatever the circumstances may be. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule so please do not ask the office staff to make one for you.
  • We will not accept more than one 24-hour cancellation due to illness per term (6 weeks) and the lesson must be rescheduled within 2 weeks. In the unfortunate case of hospitalization due to illness or injury we will freeze your account until you or your child is able to resume.
  • Please do NOT bring replacement riders if you or your child is unable to attend your lesson. If we can fill your time slot with a tourist or wait list member we will refund your money for your missed lesson.


  • Dogs are strictly forbidden within the grounds of B.E.C.  
  • Drinking alcohol and riding is strictly prohibited. The instructors are well within their rights not to permit you to ride if they feel that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Parents must ensure that an adult is with their child at all times when attending The Equestrian Centre. No child or adult may enter a stable.
  • We do NOT recommend pregnant women to ride and will take absolutely no responsibility in the event of an accident. Please have a written permission from a doctor if you still wish to do so.
  • When riding a horse or pony, it is inevitable that you will dismount against your will at some point – i.e. fall off. We are confident that the horses and ponies that we select for you are suitable for your level but we cannot guarantee your safety as you are paired with a live animal. Riding is a wonderful and exhilarating sport but it is not without its’ dangers. Please be aware of this prior to signing yourself or your child up for lessons.